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1. Participants


The masterclass addresses to:


  1. Young Talents of a music academy or music school

  2. Students of a Conservatory or higher musical institution (in Belgium or abroad)

  3. Young professionals who want to improve themselves


1.1.  Selection

Admissions for the masterclass are decided based on a DVD or Youtube recording


2. Organization of the masterclass


2.1. Dates

The masterclass takes place from 10 to 12 February 2017. Each participant is supposed to stay for 3 entire days of the masterclass.

Schedule of the master class:

- Friday 10th of February

- Saturday 11th of February

- Sunday 12th of February


Participants are asked to stay till after the final concert (Sunday 12th of February, 7pm). They will received a proof of participation during the final gala reception of the festival.


2.2. Start of the master class

The welcoming of the participant will take place on Friday morning 10th February 2017  in the Music Academy of Sint-Niklaas.
Lunch will be provided by the Festival.



2.3. Number of lessons


Each participant will take part in 3 lessons that all last 45 minutes, given by 3 internationally renowned teachers.


2.4. Individual schedule


Every participant will receive his personal schedule at the beginning of the PianoFest Masterclass.

We strongly advice all students to attend lessons of other students as well.

Special requests (eg not being able to be present at a certain time during the festival) should be communicated in advance.

The organization of PianoFest will aspire to meet your request, as far as possible.


2.5. Repertoire


Each participant is requested to prepare a different repertoire for each teacher, except in case a piece is extensive enough to present different movements or passages to each teacher (eg a sonata or concerto with different movements).


2.6. concerts


2.6.1 Concerts of the participants



All participants will have the opportunity to play during the final concert of the Masterclass, which will take place on the 12th of February 2017. Participants will not be compensated.

Each participant receives 2 free tickets, if they request this in advance.

Participants who have their last lesson on Sunday will be given the opportunity to play near the end of the concert.


2.6.2 PianoFest's concerts


All participants in the Masterclass must attend the concerts of the Festival. They will be provided with free tickets.



  3. Infrastructure


3.1 Buildings


3.1.1 Master class


All lessons take place in 'de Salons'

Address: Stationsstraat 85, 9100

Phone: 0032 3 778 34 60


3.1.2 Concerts


The participant's concert will take place in

'the Salons'

Address: Stationsstraat 85, 9100 Sint-Niklaas

Phone: 0032 3 778 34 60


3.2 Accommodation


Participants will reside with host families.

Lunch (sandwiches and drinks) will be provided by PianoFest.

Dinner will either be provided by the host families (for minors) or by the participants themselves if they wish to dine somewhere else.


3.2.1 Allergies



If a participant has an allergy of some sort, or needs a special diet, do not forget to mention this on the inscription form and in your reply (email) to the host family.



3.4 Supervision


Minors will be supervised at all times.

Supervisors are also available to other students for questions or in case of emergency.

The organization remains available and on-site during the whole Masterclass.

Leisure activities will be organized by qualified personnel.


3.5 Personal studies


All participants will have the opportunity to practice on a piano each day and to warm up for the Masterclasses at the Muziekacademie Sint-Niklaas, Hofstraat 13, 9100 Sint-Niklaas.

Some host families will also have a piano at home.


3.6 Transportation


Transportation will be organized each morning and evening for every student.

It will be organized on a specific schedule and unfortunately can not be personalized for each participant.

If necessary, it is possible for participants to organize transportation with his or her host family.




4.1 Registration


Registration for the Masterclass is done online on the website , via the subsection 'Masterclass- Inscription'.


4.1.1 Required documents


Apart from the online form we ask participants to provide the following documents by mail:

- A recent picture

- A short biography


4.2 Financial conditions


The cost for participating in the Masterclass is 25 0 EUR for each candidate.

Participation to the Masterclass gives the student the right to 3 lessons with the teachers, free access to all activities of the PianoFest Festival.

Housing and breakfasts will be provided by host families.

Daily costs will not be compensated.

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