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Regulations .
1.   Attendees


The PianoFest masterclass is aimed at:

  1. Young talents from music academies or schools

  2. Students at Conservatories or Higher Music Institutions (in Belgium and abroad) with a view to a professional career

  3. Young professionals who wish to perfect themselves
    (specify category on the online registration form)


1.1        Selection

Selection for the masterclass is happening  per DVD  or Youtube recording.  


2. Organization of the masterclass


2.1  Dates

The PianoFest masterclass will take place from 15  up to 17  March 2019. Each candidate is expected to attend the 3 days of the Masterclass. The participants in the masterclass will receive from all three  the teachers  lesson.  Classes will be held on the following days:

- Friday 15  March

- Saturday 16  March

- Sunday 17  March


The participants are expected to stay until the closing concert (Sunday 17  March, 7 pm): they will receive their certificate of participation during the farewell reception of the Festival.



2.2 Reception of the participants

The reception of the participants will take place on Friday morning 15  March 2017   in the music school of Sint-Niklaas. Participants in the masterclasses are advised to arrive in Sint-Niklaas on 14 March.

2.3 Number of lessons


Each participant will have 3 lessons, with 3 teachers of international fame.

2.4 Individual class schedule

The timetable of each participant will be determined at the start of the PianoFest Masterclass.

It is strongly recommended that participants attend the classes of other participants.

Any special request (eg impossibility to be present during half a day of the festival) must be signaled in advance. The organization of PianoFest will try to meet the individual questions as best as possible, as far as possible.



2.5 Repertory


Each participant is asked a different composition  for each professor, unless the piece is large enough to fill several lessons without presenting the same passage to different professors (e.g. a multi-movement sonata)



2.6 Concerts  


2.6.1 Concerts of the participants


The participants will have the opportunity to perform during the final concert of the Masterclass that will take place on Sunday 12 February at 2.30 pm. This performance will not  be reimbursed. Each participant can obtain 2 free tickets for this concert, provided the organization is notified in advance.

NB : The last participants in the Masterclass on Sunday will be the last to play at the final concert, for organizational reasons.


2.6.2  Concerts of PianoFest

Masterclass participants can attend the Festival concerts for free.  


2.7 Recreational Activities

        Relaxation opportunities will be organized by PianoFest as far as possible.


3. Infrastructure



3.1 Buildings


3.1.1 Master class

                   The lessons take place in the music school of Sint-Niklaas or in the city theatre.


3.1.2 Concerts


The concert of the participants  shall  take place in
'the Salons'

Station Street 85,
9100 - Sint-Niklaas

Phone: 03  778 34 60


3.2  Accommodation

              Participants will be accommodated in host families.

3.2.1 Underage participants

Minor participants will also stay with host families  in order to take full advantage of the Masterclass.

For parents who wish to accompany their child(ren) during the Festival,  stay at advantageous prices in the IBIS hotel.

For more information, please contact PianoFest.


Hotel IBIS Sint-Niklaas Center
Address: Hemelaerstraat 2,
9100 - Sint-Niklaas
03 231 31 41


3.3 Meals

              Breakfast is provided by the host family. Afternoon and evening meals are not provided by PianoFest.



3.3.1 Allergies


In case of allergy(ies), do not forget to mention it in the registration form as well as in the introductory email with the host family.


3.4  Supervision


              Supervisors will assist the youngest at all times.

              They are also available to the other participants for information  or in case of problems.

              The organizers remain accessible and on-site during the entire duration of the Masterclass.

        Recreational activities will be organized by qualified personnel.  


3.5 Personal study


               The participants will have the opportunity to study and prepare the piano every day  warm up in the
         Music Academy in Sint-Niklaas,  Hofstraat, 13.

        Some host families will have a piano on site.


3.6 Transportation


A joint transport will be organized every morning and every evening for the  Attendees. The transport will take place according to a precise schedule and can unfortunately  enough not be personalized for the benefit of the collective organization.

If necessary, a participant can organize with his or her host family or, in the case of minors, with their own parent(s).






  4.1 Registration


Registration for the Masterclass is done online on the website  at 'Masterclass – Registration'.



4.1.1  Documents to be provided

In addition to the online form, we ask participants to send us by email:

- A recent photo

- A short biography


4.2 Financial conditions


Participation costs in the Masterclass are 350 euros per candidate.

This price includes the 3 lessons with the professors as well as free access to all activities of the PianoFest Festival.

Housing and getting breakfast  provided by the host families.

Daily expenses of the participants are not reimbursed.


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